Everyone Has a Story

This is Gerry, not a very good photo, he used to sit outside the bakery I bought my morning coffee from. To many he may be seen as a bum, an alcoholic or maybe a homeless dude. Which he might be but Gerry always said hello as I walked past and always welcomed passers by with a friendly smile.  To many he might be viewed as an outcast from society, but just like everyone you pass in the street he has a story. Everyone has a story, which most people don’t stop to consider before they pass judgement on a persons character. I never got to find out much about Gerry’s story but there was something about him that made me wonder about him. A couple of times when I stopped at the bakery to get a coffee he said something to me that made stop and think. The first was when he looked at me as I approached and he said you look troubled, he’d picked up on the difficult time I’d been having at home. Something nobody else had noticed, not even close family. It kind of blew me away. The second time was just after a night of naughty night with Pandy,  we’d kind of taken things to a whole new level. He was taking to Cokie, a guy from work who also stopped at the same bakery for a coffee.  Awesome coffee, really strong and yummy. As I approached Gerry looked up at me, turned to Cokie and says “This guy likes sex”. Which was true lol but it just blew me away since it had never come up in conversation before, it was totally out of the blue and how did he know? What did he see that others didn’t?
There were moments like these that just made me wonder about him, he had an energy about him, there was something different. He had a story that was surrounded in mystery and curiosity. He brought home the notion that everyone has a story and despite his appearances he was a very kind and polite man to talk to. So before you pass judgement on someone because of  the way they look or their race maybe take the time to find out a little about their story first…

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