A Time To Write


Morning is the time for me. Just after I’ve gotten out of bed, it’s a chilled time, with a fresh mind over a cup of coffee it’s my time to write. The body hasn’t woken but the mind runs free with fresh thoughts and ideas. It’s the time I mull over things on the computer.

Lots of time

Having not worked for nearly a month, you’d think there would have been lots of time to write. There hasn’t really. Well, yes and no. The time has been there but it’s been taken up by a rekindled venture. I’ve fired up the cauldrons for Ocean Blue soaps again. I’ve made the decision to turn the old club house into a soap kitchen/shop. There’s been lots of new soaps made and time spent working on the old club house. getting it up to a lock up stage.

Mornings in Barwon Downs

Me and Gizmo

So time has been split, Time up there and time down here. When I’m up there, I don’t get to write much. Sleeping in a van, mornings are different. It usually starts with a coffee and a walk with the dog through town. The mindset is different, there’s nowhere to sit and write and there’s a drive to get things done. In an odd way I think this comes from the laid back nature of where I am. There’s no rush in the little town of Barwon Downs. There’s always time for a chat or a coffee. So in between the social connections, getting something done seems so much more pleasant and enjoyable.

Mornings in Melbourne

Mornings down here in Melbourne, my normal time to write has been spent working on the administration side of my rekindled venture. Trying to get the website and social media updated. Working on other marketing media. Researching ideas that might make this all possible. Making a new batch of soap also takes a bit of for-thought and research, especially if it’s something I haven’t done before.

So the time to write is still there. The relaxed morning coffee over a laptop is still there. Just the focus has changed. This isn’t a bad thing, it’s exciting! It’s something I’ve been waiting for, for such a long time. It’s a dream unfolding in a place I thought I’d never find.

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