These Are My People

Me and GizmoThey’re A Little Bit Green Here

These are the people of the Otway ranges and the surrounding coast. They care about the environment, they care about the forest. The Otway ranges and the beautiful coastline has a deep meaning to the people here. This is the kind of place where you walk in to someone’s house and find candles and crystals on the shelf. The people here are a little spiritual, they’re a little green. The people here are my people. Continue reading “These Are My People”

Bucket List

My head constantly swims with ideas of different things I want to do or try. Constantly changing it can be difficult to stay focussed on one idea as thoughts come and go. I always seem to have some crazy idea going through my head. At times my kids have worried about some of the crazy ideas I come up with. This is my bucket list, these are the things that have always stayed in the pool of ideas. These are the things I’ve wanted to do for a long time.

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Lost In Random Thoughts

Lately I’ve just been so lost in random thoughts.

I’ve lost the positive attitude and inspiring thoughts that came from doing the ride. Questioning so many things. I found my soul mate but she was broken and couldn’t stay. So now what? Do we only ever find one? Could there be another one out there? I look around at the people that surround me and it seems most people never find their soul mate. They just seem to settle for whoever comes along. Could this be true? Is this all there is? My sister in-law was trying to set me up the other night with one of her friends but I just wasn’t interested. There was no spark, no life in the connection. I seem to be feeling a loneliness that nobody can cure. I’ve tried to connect, but something’s missing, something I just can’t find again. I’m just not interested if there’s no spark. The fire’s gone out and I now just cruse along in limbo.   Continue reading “Lost In Random Thoughts”