Suburban Life

This photo represents the epitome of suburban life. To me it captures the isolation, the solitude, the darkness. This house and the one in the background both show what suburban life in a big city has become. The fear of the outside world, that someone, a criminal, might invade their space. So they board up their windows and lock their doors. Not even letting the light get in!

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Photography Lesson #2

It’s been a while since I did lesson #1. I’ve been busy making soap. If you’re interested, I create under the name Ocean Blue Soaps. A business that has grown from almost nothing. Although it’s still in its foetal stages and it’s requiring a lot of input to get it to where I’d like it to be. All this before I start building a house which is looming on horizon. Sorry, getting side tracked. This lesson is a relatively easy one, to look up the differences between mine and another camera. I did a lot of research when I bought the camera. I wanted a DSLR  and had to work out what was best with the limited budget I had.


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Feeling The Magic

Feeling the magic of the Otways


At the moment I’m feeling the magic of the Otways, I love living here, loving life. Living in a place you don’t need a holiday from. It’s a place where people go to escape the rat race, a holiday destination to recharge. This place is an escape from the pressures of life. The waves crashing on the soft sands of the coastline here. The surrounding forest filled with waterfalls. It’s a place of such natural beauty that lifts the soul and drains the negativity we carry.

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Heavy Thoughts


Over the past few days my thoughts have been heavy with recent communications from the past. The memories of those who no longer exist, who they’ve become and what was never meant to be. I hold no grudges from the past but I have no shame in my honesty. I now bare the scares left behind by those I believed in. From this, those scares have laid heavy in my thoughts for the past few days.

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Making Soap

Soap ingredients

Making soap is an art form, a freedom of expression to use the old cliché. It’s an opportunity to create something magical. Similar to those that cook amazing meals. There’s a whole Pandora’s box of possibilities of ideas that can be done when creating a new bar of soap. For me at the moment, the focus is to keep them natural and connected with the surrounding ocean and forests. So ingredients used are natural and plant based. I don’t use fragrances and colours. The bars of soap have no colours in them and are scented with essential oils.

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