Victoria – On Fire Again

firesVictoria is on fire again!

Contact has already been made with the shelter. Donna’s on it! Trying to get access to the fire grounds so we can get in and rescue the injured wildlife. There’s always a lot of politics and red tape to get through before we can get in and do what we need to do. It’s a horrible job but it needs to be done and not many people can handle working on the fire grounds. It’s really hard. Mentally and physically. It sends you into a depression afterwards, the images stay in your mind for a long time. Continue reading “Victoria – On Fire Again”

Planting My Roots

AcornsSitting in a café with my beautiful daughter this afternoon, I spotted these acorns calling out to me. They needed a home, calling out to be planted, to be given a chance to be something great. So I put them in my pocket and took them home. Rather than letting them decompose slowly in a café garden bed. One of these little acorns will be given a new chance at life, just like its new companion and carer. Continue reading “Planting My Roots”