Snake Myths

As a snake handler I often get people ringing wanting to know answers to a question about snakes which I’m more than happy to help with. Anything to dispel the mystery of such an amazing creature, that’s often persecuted due to peoples ignorance and lack of understanding. Continue reading “Snake Myths”

Good Parenting

Tara fell off her horse the other day, something that happens on a regular basis but this time she was very lucky it didn’t go horribly wrong. When she fell she fell she knocked over one of the  jump stands which left it’s foot poking straight up in the air which of course she landed on. She had her protective vest on but the stand kind of got her on the side just underneath her vest. Continue reading “Good Parenting”

Snap to Reality

Sometimes I get stuck in a negative emotional cycle, when something happens and fear, disappointment or hate takes over and I can’t break out of it. When it seems impossible to switch back to the positive again I don’t wish for bad things to happen but I get these moments where I zone out and have visions of things happening. Like having car accidents, being bitten by snakes or bike accidents and I usually see myself laying alone in a hospital bed. Continue reading “Snap to Reality”

Into the Wild Places

Absolutely amazing adventure on Sunday. I’d finally managed to do the “Gully” walk with Pandy, a term that came about from the locations we’d choose for a days hiking. Usually following a gully down between two ridges in the mountains. Which in most cases leads you down to a river from which you climb up the end of the ridge and walk back along the top of the ridge to the car. Continue reading “Into the Wild Places”

Becoming a Wildlife Carer

Amongst all the corporate greed that teaches us to consume and take everything we can for ourselves there is a lot of generosity scattered throughout society. People still like to give, giving to those less fortunate or volunteering to help out in different ways. I guess I’m no different, having volunteered at places like Iramoo with their Striped legless lizard research. There’s so many places that need help, and the one that I had the deepest connection with was the local wildlife, having spent most of my childhood harassing them. To me they seem to be forgotten. Continue reading “Becoming a Wildlife Carer”