Sunday Adventure

Going for a walk with Pandy on Sunday, well on an adventure so to speak. It’s what we used to refer to as a gully walk. We’d pick a gully, between two hills or ridges in the bush and try to find our way to the bottom, the end being where it meets up with a river. So there’s no path, we have to make our own. Continue reading “Sunday Adventure”

Dealing with Aspergers

It Doesn’t Mean He’s Sick

Having a son with Asperger’s doesn’t mean he’s sick or there’s something wrong with him, he doesn’t have some kind of disorder. He just thinks differently, he processes the world differently. We’re all different in our own ways. Asperger’s is more a way of grouping people who are different in certain way’s. If that makes sense. Continue reading “Dealing with Aspergers”

Catching Snakes

Snakes haven’t always been a passion but ever since I was little all creatures great and small have been a source of fascination. Amongst the many creatures I brought home as a kid, snakes were one of them. I remember standing at the glass sliding door holding out a Tiger snake calling out for mum to get me a Jar to put it. Continue reading “Catching Snakes”

A Girl and Her Horse

Going back to when Tara first showed an interest in horses and started riding, everything was horses, she just loved horses. Before I separated we had a piece of land and someone offered us a horse, well we got offered a couple but the first one came from friends of ours who had a small pony sitting in a paddock which no one did anything with, and when we stayed with them TT would spend most of her time with this horse, Pocket. They suggested we take him home, so I put it to the EX, “no” was the response. I reassured TT I’d keep working on it and eventually “no” became “if you want  but I’m not looking after it, I want nothing to do with it”. Continue reading “A Girl and Her Horse”

So it Begins

Going through a separation after being married for over 20 years can definitely take its toll, emotionally and also physically at times. To add to that my father died a few months later. The time spent with the now Ex had left a lot of scars, although nobody could see them they were still there.  Filled with so many emotions I had to start my journey of self-discovery again just like I did when I moved out of home as a young adult. Now I could do anything I wanted, there was nobody there to get angry, or criticize me and make me feel small. Continue reading “So it Begins”