Bucket List

My head constantly swims with ideas of different things I want to do or try. Constantly changing it can be difficult to stay focussed on one idea as thoughts come and go. I always seem to have some crazy idea going through my head. At times my kids have worried about some of the crazy ideas I come up with. This is my bucket list, these are the things that have always stayed in the pool of ideas. These are the things I’ve wanted to do for a long time.

  • Build a house
  • Visit volcano
  • Take off on the bike again
  • Learn Guitar
  • Travel down the Amazon


Build a house

Loft ideasFor a long time building a house has been on my bucket list, to build my own home, adding my own touches so it can become a representation of me and who I am. The dream has always been to find somewhere beautiful and build a place to call home. This one is currently the one I’m working on, having found a beautiful place, it’s now time to build something magical. A house, a home. Some place for me to come back to. A place to grow old

Visit an active volcano

Maybe it’s the possibility of death, maybe it’s an extreme leap out of my comfort zone. For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to venture as close as possible to an erupting volcano. To get close enough to feel the heat from the lava flow, to have the erupting rocks come crashing down around me. Experiences like this make you feel alive. They make you realise how insignificant you are in this enormous world. That your life can be taken away at the blink of an eye. Plus I think I’ve always been a little bit of an adrenaline junky.

Take off on bike again

Not having completed the journey I set out on previously has left a craving to find completion. To set out and reach my goal. Plus travelling is such an amazing experience. The places you see, the people you meet. Especially when you set out on an unusual journey. The feeling of freedom that comes from travelling on a bike. There’s not currently any set plan or direction but where ever this item on the bucket list takes me it will involve a K9 companion. My sidekick Gizmo will have to come with me, which will make it even more interesting and also challenging.


I’ve got the bike, I just need a plan. At the moment there’s other things on the bucket list that need to be taken care of. I also have a family that needs me and they are what’s most important. When the kids get a little older and the horses aren’t taking up so much time. Also when I have a home to come back to. All this isn’t too far away. In two to three years it will all come together and the world will be my oyster. There’s no intention of getting rid of the bike. It’s there and it has a purpose, a purpose that will always draw me in and encourage me to live life

Learn Guitar

Ever since I was young learning guitar has been on the list of things to do. Even though there’s been ample opportunity, it still hasn’t happened. My ex-wife played guitar and there was always a guitar somewhere in the house. Most of the time it was in the lounge room sitting on a stand right in front of me. My daughter plays sometimes, both the kids have had an interest in music. The “I’ve been busy” excuse needs to stop. Part of the reason for writing down this bucket list.

Playing an instrument whether it be guitar or drums or something else is an art form. A form of expression that frees the soul. Music has been part of nearly all cultures for so many reasons. Playing guitar for me is a knowledge and skill that without doubt will enrich the feeling of who I am

Travel down the amazon

Having travelled to South America in years past. I’ve tasted its beauty and seen some of its wonders. Having spent two and a half months travelling around. One of these wonders was the Amazon River, our visit there was brief and has since then left me with a craving to go back and see more. We spent time in Iquitos, Peru. Where we got to stay in a small village in the jungle and experience how wild the Amazon rain forest really is.

The plan has always been to return to Iquitos and take the local transport down to Manaus in Brazil. A distance of around 1465 Kms. An incredibly wild and remote part of the world that very few ever get to see, it’s too far out of their comfort zone, but that’s part of what draws me in, I don’t want to visit the same places everyone else goes to, I want see the places that nobody else sees. The places that enrich your soul, that challenge you. I’m not interested in sitting on a tourist bus with 40 other Australians, I’ll find my own way.

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