Catching Snakes

Snakes haven’t always been a passion but ever since I was little all creatures great and small have been a source of fascination. Amongst the many creatures I brought home as a kid, snakes were one of them. I remember standing at the glass sliding door holding out a Tiger snake calling out for mum to get me a Jar to put it. Back then the value of life was something not fully understood and many of the animals weren’t given the compassion they should have been. Snakes to us were a threat, like an enemy in a video game that interfered with our quest to explore the vacant lands that existed behind my parents place, before development took over.
Compassion for life wasn’t always absent though, one time lifting a piece of concrete a small Tiger snake caught me by surprise and I let go of the concrete. Dropping the concrete, leaving the snake with a severely broken jaw. I took the little guy home and tried to nurse him back to health but unfortunately he didn’t make it. This was the first of many attempts to help wildlife. It wasn’t until about 14 years ago when I starting looking into wildlife rescue (something for another post), I realised almost nobody would rescue and rehabilitate snakes since most snakes around here are some of the most venomous on the planet. I guess this inspired me to get my handlers licence and start rescuing and relocating snakes. I set up a small room out in the garage as a small care centre where they could be cared for and kept safely away from the kids. Although I seldom do many snake calls anymore I still get excited when I come across one.

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