Suburban Life

This photo represents the epitome of suburban life. To me it captures the isolation, the solitude, the darkness. This house and the one in the background both show what suburban life in a big city has become. The fear of the outside world, that someone, a criminal, might invade their space. So they board up their windows and lock their doors. Not even letting the light get in!

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Making Soap

Soap ingredients

Making soap is an art form, a freedom of expression to use the old cliché. It’s an opportunity to create something magical. Similar to those that cook amazing meals. There’s a whole Pandora’s box of possibilities of ideas that can be done when creating a new bar of soap. For me at the moment, the focus is to keep them natural and connected with the surrounding ocean and forests. So ingredients used are natural and plant based. I don’t use fragrances and colours. The bars of soap have no colours in them and are scented with essential oils.

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This Mornings Runes

The Viking Runes is something new to me and I’m still trying to learn the tradition of consulting them for answers. I’ve always had an interest in the runes, even in my youth I was drawn to them and their symbols. Fascinated by their meanings and their ancient history . Reading from The Book of Runes I’m slowly learning their names and meanings. This mornings question I shall keep to myself but the answer I will share, read from right to left. Continue reading “This Mornings Runes”