Concept Design

My Tiny Home

So the concept design is done!! This is what Matt at Enduring Domain has come up with. It’s not what I had in mind. I was thinking something a little more rustic or perhaps gothic. ATiny House church style place with exposed timbers, maybe a few cobwebs. One big room with a mezzanine floor at one end. Something simple and organic.
The first thing I said to Matt when I saw the ideas was

There’s to many walls!

but it didn’t take long for the obvious to set in. sometimes you need walls. The design Matt came up with works, it’s what I asked for. It’s just not what I had pictured, It’s energy conscious and it’s liveable. The design is simple and easy to build. It utilises the incoming heat from the sun with large north facing windows. There’s air flow through the building to keep it cool in summer and keep it from going stale in winter.


It’s only a small place. A tiny home, but that’s all I need. It just needs to be big enough for me and the dog. The kids come and stay occasionally but for the most part it’s just a space one man and his crazy dog.

It’s Different!?!

The design is very different from what I had in mind but I love it!  For a long time I’ve had an image in my mind of what I thought this little place was going to look like. This is an idea I’ve held on to for many years.Inside view It’s not until someone creates something that meets all your requirements that you get a realistic picture of what your dream will look like. The pictures shown are only a preliminary design. So the cladding and outside appearance might still change a little but the structure will stay the same. At this stage I’m still looking into possible materials for the interior and exterior claddings.

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