Connecting Power

Power For The Build

Me and GizmoConnecting power is an important step. If you don’t have power it makes it so hard to get anything done, especially if you’re trying to build a house. At the moment I don’t have power so everything I do, building wise has to be done with the few cordless tools I have. So far it’s been okay, I’ve managed to do what I need to do with what I’ve got.

Fortunately with this place there’s power running down the street so getting a pit put in shouldn’t be a drama. (It’s rare these days to have overhead lines put in.) Well not quite, dealing with the local power supply authority, in this case Powercor, isn’t always as simple as you might think. Firstly getting a pit put in out the front takes a month or two depending on how much work they have on. Then it’ll take a few months for the electricity meter to be connected. So plan ahead!!

Birregurra rdDealing With Powercor

Powercor didn’t charge fee to put in the pit out the front but they didn’t put it where I wanted them to put it. If I wanted it put in somewhere else it was going to cost me extra. Still confused about this as the place I wanted it was near the neighbours supply pole, about 4m away. The place they put it in they had to get machines out to bore a hole under the road.  Ah well it is what it is and I have a supply point.

Now I just have to pull my finger out and put in a meter panel and have the connection done. still in two minds over where it will go. Do I run supply over  to the house? Or do I put in a free standing panel and run a smaller supply to the house later? Currently option ‘B’ seems like the way to go.  It makes getting power on quicker and easier. Since I’m on a tight budget I don’t want to buy or hire a generator.

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