Gizmo Rescue dogThis is Gizmo. He’s a rescue dog. Before he came to us he was staying with a foster family. He’d been on trial with another family but they sent him back, they didn’t want him. I’m not sure why they didn’t want him. It may have been because he was very nervous and weary of sudden movements. If you raised your hand he would back away with his tail between his legs. Hold a stick up in the air and he’s gone. He won’t walk into a small room, I have to open the backdoor before he’ll walk into the laundry.

Everyone has a story…

Gizmo Rescue DogSo too does this little guy. We don’t know what his story has been so far but from the changes we’ve seen in his demeanour over these first few days. His story is changing, changing for the better. If one of us leaves the room he waits and watches for our return before going back to sleep. If we’re outside he doesn’t leave our side. A permanent shadow. He doesn’t cower as much as when he first arrived. His tail now wags instead of being tucked between his legs.

Learning to trust again


Gizmo Rescu DogThere’s lots of love, warmth and kindness for him here. Even mum’s surprised me with how she dotes on him. How she chats away to him as she potters around in the garden. The rules here are firm though. They always have been here. He has to sit and wait for the okay to eat his dinner. If he’s inside he stays on his mat. He’s a beautifully clever little dog, he’s getting the hang of the new rules and it’s not hard to see he just wants to do the right thing. I think he likes it here. This is his new home, he’s an amazing little dog and he’s here to stay.

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