Good Parenting

Tara fell off her horse the other day, something that happens on a regular basis but this time she was very lucky it didn’t go horribly wrong. When she fell she fell she knocked over one of the  jump stands which left it’s foot poking straight up in the air which of course she landed on. She had her protective vest on but the stand kind of got her on the side just underneath her vest. She was lucky to come out of it with just a big graze on her side. I little more to the back and it would have jabbed her in the spine or a little to the front and it would have punctured her stomach. She got straight back on as usual and kept riding, this time with a little more care ending the ride on a good note so her horse doesn’t pick up any bad habits. Lily is a very clever little pony and picks up on things very quickly.
So my little girl was very lucky she came out of the incident with just a few scratches but it made me take a step back and think “Am I being a good parent?” Should I be letting her do this? How dangerous is to dangerous? She loves her horses, it’s her passion, it’s her life. No parent wants to see their child get hurt but they also have to have the opportunity to grow and learn. Her horse riding has definitely changed who she is, her confidence, her strength and ability, her sense of responsibility. Also my connection with her, it’s something we do together, a chance to bond. So where do you draw the line with your children? Are you encouraging them to pursue their passions?
For me the choice is simple, there are some serious risks with what she does but when you see the bond she has with her horse and her devotion to caring for her horse, it wouldn’t do any good by taking that away from her and it wouldn’t be fair on her horse Lily who rushes to the gate to greet her. As a parent you want your children to be careful but at the same time they still need to learn the need to break out of their comfort zone and experience life to the fullest.

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