Just Another Tourist

MeOn holidays in Patong, Thailand and for the first time in all my travels I feel like just another tourist. For a week we were booked into a hotel. We were picked up from the airport and taken to our accommodation. A porter took our bags to our room and there was little thought to where we had to go and how to get there. Once at the hotel we just had to be tourists and go site seeing. returning to our hotel at the end of the day to chill and relax.

PatongIn my past travels there was always a challenge. Arriving at the airport with nothing booked or planned, it was always a challenge to find somewhere to stay and find transport to our accommodation in some form. Often having to overcome language barriers to find our way and move forward on the adventure.


ElephantWhy do it like this you might ask. well for one it brings you closer to the people and the culture. It make the journey more exciting and adds freedom. The freedom to choose where you want to be, to choose your own path. I don’t like hanging out with other tourists because it’s not what I’m there to see. I’m there to meet the people and understand their journey. The places they hold in their hearts is what I want see. Not the places loaded with overweight, pasty white tourists.

Thailand was such a beautiful place and the people there were so warm and friendly. A place I will definitely go back to again but next time it will be on my terms. With a backpack on my back and no set path, free to go where ever my heart takes me.

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