Feeling The Magic

Feeling the magic of the Otways


At the moment I’m feeling the magic of the Otways, I love living here, loving life. Living in a place you don’t need a holiday from. It’s a place where people go to escape the rat race, a holiday destination to recharge. This place is an escape from the pressures of life. The waves crashing on the soft sands of the coastline here. The surrounding forest filled with waterfalls. It’s a place of such natural beauty that lifts the soul and drains the negativity we carry.

Being present in this place removes the drive we have to escape from wherever it is we are. For most of my life I’ve felt a need to run away and escape the world that has surrounded me. Being here heals the wounds that have driven the need to run, the wounds from the past. The people here know and understand the need to be here, they’re supportive. They understand the need to disconnect from city life, offering support, helping to fit in and find work. To be part of this amazing community.

Making Soap

Not having worked for a few months has given me the opportunity to do what I love. Making soap! A job that doesn’t feel like a job. A job I don’t need a holiday from. Despite not having a job as such I still work, every day there’s something to be done. I probably work more at the moment than I did when I was working. Not just making of the soap but there’s networking to be done, markets to organise, labelling and advertising to create.

There’s so much to do!! Getting a stall at the local markets has been a bigger challenge than I ever thought it would be. Many are full or already have a few soap sellers. The Otways area already has four other soap makers, so getting a stronghold here has definitely been a challenge. There’s also the criteria that has to be met to have a stall at many markets. The items you sell has to meet their criteria and you also have to live within their zone to be allowed to have a stall at the market.  Despite the challenges I just love it!! Hopefully it will all fall into place.

Love, sex and soulmates

Over the past few years I’ve learnt a lot about love, sex and soulmates. There’s been two people who have taught me so much about love and what a soulmate is meant to be. They have both brought me to where I am today and for that I’ll always be grateful. For a long time I thought I found my soulmate but that idea has now changed. Love, relationships and soul mates are built on trust and commitment, it doesn’t work in a one way street. In a relationship it takes commitment from both sides.

naked girl

For most of my life I think there’s been a misguided view of what love is or what it should be. Perhaps a view to filing void, a fear of not having something that wasn’t there. I now understand what it should be, that without honesty, trust and commitment fear will grow and everything is destined to crumble. When there’s trust and no need for fear, all else follows. The sex that goes with it becomes a magical experience. Your wellbeing expands and grows. You both grow together.

For a long time sex was a driving force in my search for a partner. It was more about finding sex than finding a partner. If a connection grows then that’s a bonus. I now see things differently. Don’t get me wrong sex is fantastic but with the right person it becomes a magical experience. I don’t have anyone in my life at the moment but that’s okay.

And The Dog

I’m happy with what I’ve got around me. Family, friends and a dog. I’m believing more and more that this little dog is my soulmate, this might seem a little strange but he is filled with so much love for everyone he meets. He melts the hearts of so many people, he has helped my son break out of his shell in so many ways. People know Gizmo before they know me. I think this is a connection that was meant to be. He’s always by my side and I take him with me whenever I can. He’s not just a dog, he’s my best friend, he’s part of the family. For the meantime he’s all I need. When it’s meant to be I’ll meet the right person and the three of us will live happily ever after. Ha ha, perhaps a delusional dream.

I am still rich

So what I have isn’t much, I have no regular job and I get no welfare from the government (not a choice lol) but life is beautiful. It’s not what you have, it’s how you see it. I live in a tent with no electricity and I cook in a campfire but compared to someone living in a big mansion “I am still rich”. This is where they go to escape the confines of their big mansion. Life is beautiful! But I can’t live like this forever though but things will change. Trust in the universe and everything will come together when it’s meant to be. Having no income does trigger a few moments of panic from time to time but they soon pass. The locals keep an eye out for any work that comes up and they point out potential places to sell soap when they see them. The universe is looking after me and I’m clear in the vision of what is important in life and everything will fall into place. Life is magic!

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