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Making soap is an art form, a freedom of expression to use the old cliché. It’s an opportunity to create something magical. Similar to those that cook amazing meals. There’s a whole Pandora’s box of possibilities of ideas that can be done when creating a new bar of soap. For me at the moment, the focus is to keep them natural and connected with the surrounding ocean and forests. So ingredients used are natural and plant based. I don’t use fragrances and colours. The bars of soap have no colours in them and are scented with essential oils.

A Source Of Inspiration

The forest and the coastline here offer an endless source of inspiration. Walking the dog along the beach gives a time to connect and observe the magic that surrounds me. Feeling the energy of the ocean waves crashing on the shore, the birds scurrying along the waters edge looking for signs of life under the sand or morsels washed up in the tide. The plants that grow in a place where two worlds collide, land and sea. Many of these plants are forgotten medicines used by the original inhabitants of these lands. Which only creates fuel for inspiration as to what can be done in the next batch.


The smells of the forest help to inspire the fragrances for the next batch of soap. Always looking for native essential oils that can be blended in with the standard to bind the connection with the local forest. With the wisdom of the locals at a guide for ideas and a source of knowledge on where to find inspiration. So for me, making soap isn’t just about making a bar of soap. It’s about creating magic and capturing the energy of these old forests. Reconnecting people with the beauty of this magical place and keeping these forests alive.

An Opportunity To Create

Making soap is a chance to be creative, not just in what I make but in how I present it and how I make my mark on this artificial world we live in. Finding ways show it off at a markets, creating website to present and sell these wonderful creations. Finding ways to wrap and label each bar of soap while still being conscious of the impact on the planet. The ancient forests and the strength ocean here are a constant reminder of the need to minimise the use of plastics and use recycled materials whenever possible.

Club House

To add to this, there’s a small possibility that an income can be earnt from doing something I enjoy. Working in this beautiful place I call home, creating something that brings me joy. With Gizmo, my dog, along side me to keep me company. Surrounded by the beautiful people of this place who openly support my endeavours. An amazing mix of people that support community and have a deep connection with this incredible place we call home. So for me, making soap is an escape to another world. A place I love to be, a place I long to be.

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