Owner Building

Loft ideasSo the Journey begins

I’ve taken on the challenge of building a home. Owner building!! A decision that didn’t come lightly, but for me it made buying a home affordable. There’s also the advantage of building something that suites me, and building a better, smarter home.

Today’s suburban houses simply aren’t built very well, they’re often built from standard designs that don’t take into account the many things that make a house energy efficient and simpler to build. Where the sun rises and sets, which direction the windows face, also the building materials used. For instance many houses here in Melbourne are built with a tiled roof, that’s 4 to 5 tons of ceramics on the roof, often dark in colour so they heat up quick and being ceramics they hold the heat. All that weight has to be supported somehow so the structure of the house has to be built to carry all that weight. So more timber, more costs.

Lookiing Back

Choosing an Open Plan

A standard 3 bedroom house design that most builders will try to sell you doesn’t really appeal to me either. I’d much prefer an open plan style home. Less walls means less building materials, less cost.Club House It also adds a warmth and closeness to the home and the people in the house. Everyone in the house is in contact with each other, not isolated in their own little cells.

I’ve been to the bank and they’ve come to the party. This, I thought, would be my biggest hurdle but it turned out to be easier than buying a loaf of bread. In an attempt to keep myself out of trouble in the future I’ve only got a limited budget. A smallish home loan from the bank. This keeps my home loan manageable if I’m not working and it keeps the house simple.


I will do what I can with what I’ve got but what I will do will be amazing!!

The journey is just beginning but everything is ready to roll. Matt at Enduring Domain Building Design is doing the designs. With a site visit booked in in a few weeks to discuss the location of the house and different building ideas. I basically know what I want to do but it’s up to Matt to tell me how I can do it. How I can make all these ideas come to life!!