Photography Lesson #1

As mentioned in the previous blog post, I’m doing a series of 30 photography lessons I’ve found on the web. In the hope that my mediocre camera skills will improve and I might have some fun doing so. The notes for the first lesson can be found here:

Lesson #1

The first assignment I’ve been given has three parts:

  • First, I have to find my favourite photo that I have taken, the one I’m most proud of and post it on here. 
  • Next, I have to write a small paragraph explaining, in my own words, why you like it.
  • The final part is to go look at someone else’s image, in the comments at the bottom, and leave some feedback.

I’m supposed to pick one photo but I couldn’t. I managed to narrow it down to 3 and it was too hard to chose between the 3 of them. Each one has a different aspect to it that makes it special. These are my photos…

Tara and Diggs
This was the second time my daughter rode this horse but it was the moment she fell in love and the beginning of an amazing connection.
I’d love to take more portraits. Of the people in the street and their expressions. This photo I think captures the subjects expression and emotions really well. A beautiful moment captured in a photo.
I’ve got so many photos of this dog. This photo sums up this crazy dog and it was taken on one of my favourite beaches. A beautiful beach, to wild to swim in the surf.

Now, I’m off to leave some comments…

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