So it Begins

Going through a separation after being married for over 20 years can definitely take its toll, emotionally and also physically at times. To add to that my father died a few months later. The time spent with the now Ex had left a lot of scars, although nobody could see them they were still there.  Filled with so many emotions I had to start my journey of self-discovery again just like I did when I moved out of home as a young adult. Now I could do anything I wanted, there was nobody there to get angry, or criticize me and make me feel small.

I moved in with mum and ended up living there for 12 months, it seemed like a good Idea at the time, it was good for me having someone to talk to and mum needed someone to help her find her independence. They had spent 50 years of their lives together. The suggestion was made to keep a diary, which I did. It was somewhere to spew out all these emotions that were building up, it was somewhere I could battle my daemons. Around the same time TT, who was 10 at the time asked about doing a blog about her horses. So we looked into creating a blog, for her it was about horses, for me it was just random stuff. More so just to keep her interested in writing and it also gave us something to talk about and do together. It was a good way to learn what blogging was about.

Entries in the diary slowed and it seemed to become difficult to open, the corpses that lay in the old battlegrounds grew sour. Also after having found a new partner, PB, I wanted to leave everything in there behind.  So I sat with a few drinks and said good bye, reading through my notes before watching them burn in a fire out the back. Writing things down did help, it helped a lot and I would highly recommend keeping a diary if you’re going through an emotional time.

English has never been one of my key skills, I still believe you can do anything you set your mind to and the only way to get better at something is to do it, to practice

So this is my story….


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