Where’s Your Stuff…

This 10 minute video has stuck with me since first watching it. Kelly C. has such an important message that he’s putting out there, at least I think so. Now I’m not saying you should all go and live in the bush somewhere and become a hermit; What I am saying though, is you need to take a step back and take a good hard look at all your stuff, all your possessions, all the things you own and ask yourself “do I really need these things?” How much ‘stuff’ do you have? What have you got? Do you have a car worth $1000 or a car worth $100,000? Do you have a shed full of things you’ll never use. People have all these things that they think will make their life better or might need some day, but do they really need it? The thing I noticed most while travelling through places like Africa and South America was that the people who had very little were the happiest. The ones who don’t have all this stuff to worry about. Living simple and relaxed lives, they always had time for a chat, not fussed if the situation changed and something held them up.

So how complicated are you making your life with all the things you have? I’m not just talking about the amount of stuff you have but also what it’s worth. You might not have a lot but is it worth so much that you have to guard it in case someone tries to steel it. Have you got  a burglar alarm in case someone comes and steals your stuff?  Do you park in two spaces at a car park so no one scratches your expensive car?  I’ve never understood the drive people have to be rich, don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to have a bit of money but do you really need to have a $100,000 car? I do understand why people hoard things though, it’s one  of my bad habits. Which I’m currently working on.

Getting back to the value of stuff, I know people who don’t lock their front door because their stuff isn’t worth all that much. To me that seems like a form of freedom, the freedom of not having to worry about all your possessions when you’re not there. It’s an uncomfortable feeling getting burgled, knowing someone has been in your house and taken the things you own.

The guys living nest door are on the other end of the spectrum, their stuff isn’t worth anything but they have to much of it, you can’t walk through the house without tripping over or bumping into something. They simply have way to much stuff. Since separating it’s been an ongoing challenge to get rid of a lot of my stuff and at the end of the day it feels good to get rid of it, having less clutter, less to worry about. As they keep it simple.

So maybe take the time to watch the video and think about all the unnecessary wealth and all the stuff you’ve accumulated and what effect it really has on your life. Can you live with out it?

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