Suburban Life

This photo represents the epitome of suburban life. To me it captures the isolation, the solitude, the darkness. This house and the one in the background both show what suburban life in a big city has become. The fear of the outside world, that someone, a criminal, might invade their space. So they board up their windows and lock their doors. Not even letting the light get in!

A young guy from Forrest I spoke to the other day said it perfectly…

I lived in Melbourne for 7 years and nobody speaks to you, you’re surrounded by so many people and you don’t know any of them.

It’s no wonder my heart sinks and a certain depression sets in whenever I come back to Melbourne. Millions of people locking themselves away in solitary confinement. For as long as I can remember there’s been a drive to escape the prison that is the big city.

Living in a small country community life is different, if someone doesn’t know you they will introduce themselves and let you know who you are. Strangers hearing your story will offer their help. There’s no eight foot fences isolating everyone’s lives the those that surround them, fear doesn’t control peoples lives. Windows aren’t boarded up overnight, doors aren’t locked, houses aren’t fortified with expensive alarm systems.

The fear that drives people into isolation doesn’t exist in the small community I live in. A fear that fills the human soul sickness. Quality of life is different, it’s magic! Something I notice every time I leave the big city behind and come home.

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