The Need to Ride

For nearly a month now I haven’t been able to ride and it’s driving me a little stir crazy. My car has been back and forth to the panel beaters, they’ve had my car for the past 3 weeks. I’ve even had to borrow it a few times to take water and hay up to the  horses and they’ve still got it. I’m really hoping it gets sorted soon as it’s driving me nuts not having my car, a ute I can carry stuff in, instead of the little bubble car they’ve given me in the mean time. Also to top it off I  dislocated my toe the other week which seems to be taking a long time to heal which has made me a little apprehensive to ride.
It’s driving me crazy not being able to ride, the emotions seem to be building up, I can’t get that release, the flood of adrenaline that takes all your thoughts away, that takes you to another plane. Thoughts seem to wonder and everything gets questioned, negative thoughts seem to keep building up. Not being able to ride stirs up the need to escape from life, I just want to hide. bike barsThe negative side to the daily grind and all the things that plague me on the stubborn to-do list that constantly etches away at me. I just want to run away and escape from everything, which has been a long standing dream that grew a few years back after separating from a marriage that turned to shit. A need to escape the emotional rollercoaster that was screaming down the tracks. The lure of freedom brought on by travelling, something I’ve tasted before and I’ll hopefully get to later. Riding just seems to recharge the batteries enough to cope with the world around me, the fresh air and the smell of  eucalyptus trees surrounding, the senses coming to life. It clears the grime that the world casts at you, a cleansing ritual.

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