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Riding Success

Tara Diggs

The past week at The Riding Success Institute has been such an amazing opportunity for this young lady and her horse.  She’s learnt so much in the week we’ve been here.  The staff here have been amazing, the grooms and stable hands work so hard looking after all the horses here. 
Little Diggs was given 5 star treatment.  Every afternoon he was stabled and fed, his rugs were changed for the night. In the morning his rugs were changed and he was given a feed of hay before he was put out in the paddock for the day.

Stable CatCamping out

We were camped around the back of the stables, I don’t think they get many campers.  It was nothing special but for us it was fine. We could go and see Diggs when ever we liked. They had a full sized indoor arena and an outdoor arena with an amazing view. Overlooking their stunning Friesians grazing in their paddocks. The hills in the distance breaking up the horizon.

Grand Prix horse

The Package

The package included a lesson on one of their Grand prix horses, full use of their facilities and a weeks care of our horse. We had to pay a small fee for hay and camping.  We also paid for a lesson on Diggs as well. Camping as mentioned, was nothing special, it was just a bit of space out the back of the stables. which was fine for us. We were in a van and could take off and sleep anywhere, which we did a few times. The stable cat came to visit whenever we got the chairs out and set up camp. The chooks didn’t take long to move in when we were around and a couple dogs would bark and let us know they were nearby in the hay shed.


My Take

Tara BeachFor me it wasn’t about the horses, it was an opportunity to hang out with my little girl for a week. Around Pakenham there’s not much to do, but that didn’t stop us from making lots of memories. turmeric lattes at the a little café we found in town. Shopping for the nights dinner was always an adventure, deciding what we could do on the camp stove.

Taking Off

A few nights we took off and found a cool spot to sleep. Sitting by the camp fire at Bunyip state Park one night, Tooradin water front another. Cooking dinner and sleeping down on Phillip Island under the full moon was just amazing. Having fun walking along the beach was time that will stay with me for ever. We also spent a morning at the Tooradin Estate cross country course. Which was loads of fun. A really well set up course with jumps up to one star (big ones)


Staying at The Riding Success Institute wasn’t the holiday I had been planning but it was pretty cool. A time I think the both of us will remember for a long time. A week of fun times and  memories. for Tara it was more than a holiday, it was a dream come true. She learnt so much in the lessons she had. The talk we had with her instructor really helped her understand so much about the horses nutrition. Such an amazing adventure.


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  1. Heya! I just wanted to say that I was the groom in the photo with the rider on mini! I came across this post as I was searching for something else related to the barn, I’m glad you guys enjoyed your time down here! -Mary Ann

    1. Thank you!! It was such an awesome week for both of us. Tara got to spend week doing horsy stuff and for me it was just nice for the two of us to spend time together. You guys work so hard looking after the horses there, we didn’t get a chance to say thank you for everything you guys.

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