The Sand Tells a Story

Foot prints in the sandAs I walked along the beach this morning I listened to the sands tell a story. A fox had left foot prints in the sand during the night, he must have come down to the waters edge to see if there was anything of interest, perhaps something had washed up in the waves. Perhaps he could find something to fill his hungry belly.

The tracks swerved along the beach, often towards different pieces of flotsam and jetsam laying on the beach. Obviously catching his eye and enticing him over to see what it was. Mmmm perhaps there may be something  under it.

Foot prints change direction

The tracks went along at a steading pace. Evenly set footprints showed that his pace didn’t change. That was until something startled him and he doubled back. Digging his paws into the sand, changing direction fast, something startled him. Perhaps there was something in the water, perhaps the waves got to close. After this I lost his tracks, the waves may have covered them. I wasn’t out to track down a fox, merely going for a stroll along the beach.

A little further along the tracks returned, this time to reveal something even more interesting. An encounter with another fox. Whether this was friend or foe I could not tell. Perhaps a love interest or a rival intruding on his territory. The paw prints danced together until both went of in different directions. From here I saw no more trace of my little friend as his prints turned and went over the dunes into the nearby bush. Mother nature tells us many stories, we just need to listen to hear them.

Dancing prints


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