These Are My People

Me and GizmoThey’re A Little Bit Green Here

These are the people of the Otway ranges and the surrounding coast. They care about the environment, they care about the forest. The Otway ranges and the beautiful coastline has a deep meaning to the people here. This is the kind of place where you walk in to someone’s house and find candles and crystals on the shelf. The people here are a little spiritual, they’re a little green. The people here are my people.

Originally built around farming and logging, now a tourist haven. Especially along the coast. The logging industry has virtually ceased. A few plantations still remain but the rainforest now gets left in peace. The local saw mill closed a long time ago

The Locals


The local farmers here understand the importance of the forest and the life it brings to the area. They can see that leaving the big old gum trees in their paddocks brings birds and other predators that control the pesky insects that annoy their animals and eat their crops. This is the kind of place where when I tell someone that I’m a snake handler they don’t tell me the horrid stories of how they killed a huge Tiger Snake with their 410. Instead they ask who they can call to have it moved or what to do to keep them away from their house.

This is the first place where I’ve felt at home. I feel at peace up here. I fit in to this community. There’s a warmth here amongst the people. When I’ve asked about the history of the little building I have, 3 times I’ve been told “Oh just pop in to Fay’s place for a cup of tea. She’ll know. She grew up here”. A lot of rural towns have a sense of community but it’s different here. There’s an acceptance of this new stranger.

There’s Magic Here

It’s not just a beautiful place to be, there’s a magic here. There’s something special about this place and the forest here. Along the coast and through the forest there’s an energy that recharges your soul. This place is drawing me back to my roots, I’m finding who I am. Perhaps fate has brought me here for a reason. Perhaps a reward for something I’ve done. For I’m lucky to be here. Houses and land here is seldom for sale, the people here don’t leave. The people who move here, they stay.

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