This Mornings Runes

The Viking Runes is something new to me and I’m still trying to learn the tradition of consulting them for answers. I’ve always had an interest in the runes, even in my youth I was drawn to them and their symbols. Fascinated by their meanings and their ancient history . Reading from The Book of Runes I’m slowly learning their names and meanings. This mornings question I shall keep to myself but the answer I will share, read from right to left.

Fehu is the rune of fulfilment: ambition satisfied, love shared, rewards received. Reversed there may be considerable frustration. Even if there is occasion for joy, do not let yourself be seduced into mindless joyousness. Reversed, this rune indicates that doubtful situations are abundant.

Algiz, Control of emotions is at issue here. During time of transition, shifts in life course and accelerated self-change, it is important not to collapse yourself into your emotions, the highs and the lows.If you feel yourself feeling pain, observe the pain, stay with it. You will progress; knowing that is your protection.

Gebo, an indication that partnership in some form is at hand. In love relationships you are put on notice not to collapse yourself into that union. Consider the path of partnership can lead you to a realisation of a still greater union – union with the higher self. Gebo signifies the gift of freedom from which flow all other gifts

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