Heavy Thoughts


Over the past few days my thoughts have been heavy with recent communications from the past. The memories of those who no longer exist, who they’ve become and what was never meant to be. I hold no grudges from the past but I have no shame in my honesty. I now bare the scares left behind by those I believed in. From this, those scares have laid heavy in my thoughts for the past few days.

Spending time in this magical place that I call home has helped ease those heavy thoughts. Mother Nature (The Universe) has been there to guide me, to offer comfort in a way. While digging at the ground preparing to run power cables; I had the presence of two beautiful birds. Only metres away, gnawing away at the nuts of the paper bark tree that stretched up beside me. Unfazed by my presence, while I swing my shovel, lifting earth from the ground or when the ball was thrown to keep the dog entertained as I worked away. For many hours they peacefully sat above me.


These two birds, rarely seen, that partner for life. Known for only ever having one mate. And here they are! Resting in my front yard. No sooner had I noticed the connection between my thoughts and my two visitors. Patty next door calls out holding a framed picture over the fence that separates our properties. “Thought you might like this to spruce up your little shed” he calls. Holding a picture of two Galahs, a close relative of the Gang Gang cockatoos that were honouring me with their presence. Perhaps a reassurance that my thoughts were in the right place.

This place is only just beginning and I don’t have much here but what I do have is precious and invaluable. There is peace here, a calmness that repairs the scars from the past. When thoughts are heavy and the soul is unsettled, being present here eases those heavy thoughts. The people here to, seem to enter at the right time, helping with the healing process.


Stopping by the local drinking hole last night to grab some take away on my way through, I was invited to have a drink with a group of young locals sitting outside. A quick stop stretched long into the evening. A beautiful young girl with beads woven into the ends of her long ruby red hair. Filled with kindness and compliments, she remained in my presence for most of the evening. Her name, Ruby, matching her long thick hair, always seemed to be nearby. A local girl that grew up in Forrest, with her bright eyes and warm smile, brought together the beauty of this magical place.

Although her pretty smile and dark blue eyes were warm and uplifting, I felt a level of disappointment, as I had so many years under my belt. For she was much younger than me, too young for me to pursue beyond a casual conversation. After the night was done and the cheerful banter had subsided. Driving home I felt positive. A feeling that there is someone out there. That one day when the time is right, someone will come along and our journeys will continue together.


This place always seems to be filled with magic, like something from a fairy-tale story. Whether it be walking through the forest or along the beach there is a feeling of inner peace. Every time I come home to this place I meet someone new. Someone that welcomes me into their precious world. The people here know me before we meet. They know the dog, they know the sign out the front “Handmade soap” and they welcome me into their world. When I tell them I live in a yurt, they don’t think I’m strange, there’s no of lack understanding. They usually respond with “That’s awesome!” and friendly conversation begins. A conversation that brings laughter and warmth.

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