Sunday Adventure

Going for a walk with Pandy on Sunday, well on an adventure so to speak. It’s what we used to refer to as a gully walk. We’d pick a gully, between two hills or ridges in the bush and try to find our way to the bottom, the end being where it meets up with a river. So there’s no path, we have to make our own. Often there’s sections which are over grown and sections where the debris builds up and we have to find our way around. These gully walks can sometimes be difficult and challenging but I think the challenge of finding your way is part of what helps you forget the world. Your daily grind, the stresses of your normal life. It’s an escape to another place, somewhere sacred. This is my spiritual place, the place I go to talk to the gods. My Church.
It’s a place, this one in particular, that I’ve longed to go back to and a place I’ve longed to bring Pandy to. We’ve tried to organize this walk a few times already but each time something catastrophic has happened in our relationship and day hasn’t eventuated.
This time with a little luck we can make it happen. I can bring Pandy into my world, my spiritual place, and feel the energy that surrounds you when you walk through the bush, hearing the trees creek in the wind and the cockies calling out to warn others of the intruders entering their realm and also all the other sights and sounds that take over your senses in this spiritual place, drawing you away from reality.
People seldom ever ask me about my religion, I don’t believe in a God so I must be atheist. They never stop to ask what my beliefs are.  You either believe in creation or evolution, well what about the concept of influence? An energy or life force that influences the process of evolution. “The Universe” as Pandy refers to it. When you enter these beautiful natural places, away from the industrial world. There is an energy that surrounds you, lifting your spirit. There is an energy under your feet, taking your shoes off and standing on the ground you can feel the energy rising up beneath you, recharging the damage done by modern society and the industrial world we live in. The more you get lost, the deeper you go, the more you can feel the energy of Mother Nature. A few times people have asked what I believe in and my response is “Mother Nature”.  You can call it what ever you like but it’s the life force that keeps everything going. The energy that makes everything grow and gives life.

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