Where’s Your Mindset?

Traffic last night was just plain crazy, the 3 hour journey to get home from work turned out to be  quite a challenge, every road heading south was at a standstill. There had been a fatal accident on the freeway and all lanes had been closed so naturally everyone had to find a alternate route south. Naturally people became more and more frustrated.   It was clear this was the way a lot of people were dealing with the situation, making rash decisions and doing risky maneuvers, trying to beat the car in front, letting their emotions take over, Just to get home a little bit quicker.
How would you have dealt with the situation? Would you let the frustration and anger take over? how would you feel when you finally got home?
To me it became a challenge, in the way that I needed a shift in my perception of the situation, to not get frustrated and just keep looking for flow even if it was in a different direction. I had to get home to see Pandy and Jackson and also to arrive home and greet PB with anything less than a smile and a warm hug would have been a huge injustice as she may have had her own problems to deal with. She didn’t need me spoiling her day, life’s to precious to waste being miserable. Keeping in mind that i made it home, when someone didn’t. This became all to clear today when we heard news at work that one of our colleges didn’t make it in this morning, they had lost their life in an accident on the way in. People get angry and frustrated at so many little things that don’t really matter, giving in to the negative emotions. Failing to see the beauty that surrounds them. They forget how lucky they are, the life they have is such a precious gift…

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